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Lu offers her skills as an office volunteer.

Sharing Active Independent Lives (SAIL) is pleased to announce a $2,000 grant award from the United Way of Dane County. Pictured left to right: Marco Barbosa, United Way Loaned Executive; Jade Pekol, United Way Loaned Executive; Peggy York, SAIL Volunteer Coordinator; Sue Stenzel, Membership Support Assistant; Laura Adell, Member Services and Business Manager; Ann Albert, SAIL Executive Director; Toya Johnson, Director of Community Impact–Self-Reliance & Independence, and Jess Noelck, United Way Loaned Executive. 

This summer SAIL Members joined together for a delightful evening at member Janice Gary’s home to enjoy fellowship, good food, and interesting conversations.

Wally enjoying one of her favorite sports.

Members sharing SAIL with others 

SAIL Member Mary Owens and her sister Rita O’Neil get together almost daily to prepare cards and small gifts for area nursing home residents—something they’ve done for the past five holiday seasons. 

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